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It was kinda funny, but you don't like the game? How come? The game is pretty cool, I guess. Better than some CSI game, I guess.


Thanks for using my music, and crediting me.

You sir

Are very very weird for making this =D
Thanks for using my song, though.

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The son of a bitchin thing will not let me get the fuckin candy. I don't get it XD.
Graphics- Pretty good
Style- First time I have seen this
Sound- It's my audio fuck yeah!
Interactivity- Couldn't do anything
Humor- 10 because I looked stupid doing it XD

Kick ass!

Hey this game is really fun and I think I heard that song somewhere...lol that's mine. Good game man...Very challenging as well as fun. Thanks for the entertainment!

Wonchop responds:

No probs. Your music was a fine pick. ;D

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Starts off slow, decent melodic feel. Getting into a melody, liked the background pause, then beat introduction. I think this main synth could have a better sound, honestly. Seems really basic, to me. But I like the pause and filter. Sounds cool. The variation of beats are great. I think you have some great melodies here, and with more emotion and better synths you could have something really good.
What program(s) are you using?
Drop me a review if you can

LavaRift responds:

Thank you very much. I am using FL Studio 12.

Very cool. Could use a little mastering, but shit... It's dope.
The organ is pretty erie, has a scary movie feel to it, my friend says.
I like it, though.
Drop me a review if you find the time.

bat-man187 responds:

thank you big homie ! im working n my mixer i been learning on my own man im getting there doe thanks bra

I thought the beat was pretty cool, but your insturments in themselves, seem a little dry. Try adding some FX to them, just a little. Like the piano would sound nice with some reverb, and I think your snares would, too. That's just me though.
It's fairly simple and nothing too astray from the original.
Good job, though!
Drop me a review if you find the time.

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Fantastic idea!


Everything looks cool but that tail.
It kinda looks like a long turd....

VixenRed responds:

lol never got that one before XD

Yeah it's a long brown tail, it's not scaled so it's smooth. I guess when I draw her in a brighter background it would look better.


Pretty dope, I'd say.
Which member is it?

Hey guys. I make music, and hope to post some of my art up, soon. Hope you guys enjoy it, all!!!

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